The Search Process

Personalized service, impeccable process, results that surpass client expectations.

Step 1 – Preparation:

  • Position and needs are analyzed during an intake process that involves meetings with key stakeholders.
  • Position prospectus and marketing materials are created and approved.
  • Recruiting strategy is formulated.

Step 2 – Recruitment:

  • Extensive, nationwide, inclusive sourcing strategies are employed that involve advertising, networking, and passive candidate outreach.
  • Diversity sourcing strategies are implemented and tracked.

Step 3 – Evaluation:

  • Prospective candidates are screened and evaluated by Summit. Qualified candidates are presented to client and/or search committee. Clients can be provided a secure website to access materials and key documents.
  • The option exists for search committees to utilize a specialized program to review and rate candidates online; Summit presents compiled results back to search committee for use as a decision-making tool.

Step 4 – Initial Interviews:

  • Semifinalists are selected and interviewed.
  • Finalists are recommended.

Step 5 – Finalist Due Diligence:

  • Finalists are selected and on-site interviews occur.
  • Reference checking and background checks are implemented.

Step 6 – Selection and Negotiation:

  • Client feedback is assessed and selection decision is made.
  • Offer is made and negotiated.
  • Onboarding plan is discussed to ensure a successful transition.


This full-service option is most often selected for highly complex searches that require work with multiple stakeholder groups.

A modified search that focuses on marketing the job, attracting a high quality candidate pool, and working with the client and/or search committee in selecting the best candidates to pursue.

Focuses on marketing the job and building the candidate pool. Candidates that are submitted to the client are pre-qualified based on key criteria.