Frequently Asked Questions

Your frequently asked questions are answered here. Please contact us if you have additional inquiries.

Do you use an applicant tracking system?

Yes, we use an applicant tracking system that enables us to be well-organized during the process. The system tracks EEO data, and we can create reports for you that contain the specifics you need for reporting purposes.

For search committee-based searches, we have an option that allows for search committee members to view and rate all candidates online. We compile the committee’s ratings and create reports that are used as decision-making tools by the committee.

Will Summit share research and competitive intelligence with clients?

We value transparency in the search process, and that equates to providing clients with data at any point during or after the project. We are committed to partnering with clients and sharing candidate and market data with you. You will know exactly how your search dollars are being spent and will have access to all data collected during the search process.

Can you ensure a diverse slate of candidates?

Summit’s placement statistics demonstrate an impressive track record of diversity in our candidate pools and a strong record of diverse placements. We can guarantee to clients that we are reaching out to and contacting relevant individuals who are doing (or are qualified to do) the job. The diversity of the candidate slate will vary and is impacted by the demographics of the marketplace (job type and geography) as well as by the perceived attractiveness of the job/location/compensation from the candidate’s perspective. Our promise is to create sourcing plans that include proactive diversity outreach strategies; we track this work and will share the data with you.

Do you have a defined geographical scope?

Summit works with higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Many of the organizations we work with have international satellite locations. Summit has physical offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, New York, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Are there other services you provide in addition to recruiting?

We transfer our time-tested research skills and conduct primary research for clients to uncover key competitive information in their respective markets.

In some situations, Summit offers on-going leadership and management consulting services to the executives who we place.



This full-service option is most often selected for highly complex searches that require work with multiple stakeholder groups.

A modified search that focuses on marketing the job, attracting a high quality candidate pool, and working with the client and/or search committee in selecting the best candidates to pursue.

Focuses on marketing the job and building the candidate pool. Candidates that are submitted to the client are pre-qualified based on key criteria.